Personal Insurance Options

At Coastal Oak we have top carriers that can provide you with coverage for your Personal Insurance needs including:

What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance protects you and your family from losses that may occur in your daily lives. These losses can involve many things; from damage to the items or properties you own, to the liability you face when carrying out your daily activities, like driving a car or walking your dog.

Why You Should Choose Coastal Oak Insurance for your Personal Insurance Needs?

Save more when you bundle your home and auto

We know you have heard that before, but what if we told you that at Coastal Oak we will make sure you save on any and all of your personal lines needs; from your home and auto to your condo and boat. Don’t worry about what you have to bundle in order to save, Coastal Oak will construct a full comparison of your coverage options so you can choose the best coverage at the right price for you!