Equine Insurance

equine insurance californiaHorse owners and riders belong to a special club. Not only do you share a passion for your horses, but likely enjoy the camaraderie of others who share your passion. Being a horse owner carries a certain amount of liability and whether you are riding your horse casually or competitively it is important to insure not only your animal’s well-being, but also your own liability.

A few popular types of Equine Insurance include:

  • Commercial Equine Insurance: Insurance for horse-related businesses such as arenas, breeders, clinics & more.
  • Horse Club Insurance: Insurance protection for owned or leased property as well as public events.
  • Horse Mortality: Helps cover costs associated with the death, theft, or euthanasia of your horse.
  • Private Horse Owner Insurance: Insurance to protect you if your horse injures someone else or damages property.
  • Horse Trainer Insurance: Insurance for horse trainers, riding instructors and more.

Owning an animal as powerful and large as a horse requires you take proper precautions. Trust our insurance agents to find you’re the right equine insurance coverage.