Liquor Liability Insurance in California

Liquor Insurance Aliso Viejo, California

If you own or operate a venue that serves liquor, beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages, you must carry a liquor liability insurance policy in California. Serving alcohol carries a tremendous amount of risk and not only while your patrons are at your facility, but you could also be liable after they leave your facility.

Liquor Liability Insurance is great for:

  • Bars & Taverns
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Fast food (where alcohol is an option)
  • Weddings
  • Social Events
  • Workplace Events

So, what exactly is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor Liability Insurance covers the establishment who served the alcohol from liability damages incurred because a patron causes property damage, personal injury or even a motor vehicle accident. Some may think that the person who caused the property damage, fight or accident is liable, and this is true. However, the establishment that served the individual is often times found at-fault for over-serving them, therefore, sharing in the liability.

Luckily, you can purchase a liquor liability insurance policy that goes above and beyond your general liability insurance policy. It isn’t frequent that this is included with your other insurance policy, so check with a licensed insurance agent to determine your need for additional coverage.

If you’d like more information about liquor liability insurance for your restaurant, bar or event, call the insurance agents at Coastal Oak Insurance. They can get you a policy quickly and explain the benefits of the policy for your specific needs.