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Do You Have a Personal Insurance Agent?

When it comes to buying insurance, you can purchase it online yourself through a well-known insurance carrier, a captive agent or you can buy it through a local insurance agency. When you buy it online yourself, you may find it can be more challenging to manage your insurance policy. When you have to call an […]

Looking for an Auto Insurance Discount? Consider Telematics.

Many insurance carriers offer telematics for an auto insurance discount. If you are seeking out additional auto insurance discounts to lower your monthly or annual premium, talk to your insurance agent to see if your carrier offers telematics. Many carriers do! How does telematics work? A telematics device monitors how you drive a vehicle. Your […]

Do Millennials Need Renters Insurance? Learn The Benefits.

Do Millennials Need Renters Insurance? Learn The Benefits. If you are a millennial, there is a good chance you rent a home, apartment or condo. According to surveys, up to 70% of millennial renters do not have renters insurance. This is an alarming statistic. Whether you are a young professional or finishing up your college […]

Commercial Auto Insurance 101

Commercial Auto Insurance 101 Businesses across the country rely on vehicles to keep operations flowing. No matter the type of vehicle, this essential business equipment represents a significant investment on the part of business owners. Whether your clients operate machinery, delivery vans, passenger cars, or trucks, protecting that investment is critical. Commercial auto insurance is […]

How Much is General Liability Insurance for Construction Companies?

How Much is General Liability Insurance for Construction Companies? In the state of California, thousands of construction projects are taking place. The state is seeing significant growth in building development, with contractors and subcontractors stimulating the economy post-pandemic. Construction companies face significant and varied risks in their operations, necessitating the protection of CA contractor insurance. […]

Are Subcontractors Covered Under Contractors Insurance?

Are Subcontractors Covered Under Contractors Insurance? The construction industry faces numerous risks as it undertakes building projects. From worker injuries to issues with materials, equipment, and permitting, insurance coverage is critical in protecting contractor assets. Contractor insurance goes a long way toward providing this coverage. When subcontractors are used to facilitate building projects, are they […]

What You Need to Know About Vacation Home Insurance

What You Need to Know About Vacation Home Insurance When it comes to insuring a vacation home, the insurance landscape can look slightly different from that of primary homes. While the risks are relatively similar, you’ll find that some added perils come with vacation homes. These risks vary with how you intend to use your […]

Tips For Staying Healthy While On The Road

How to Cook Healthy Meals On A Road Trip Did you purchase an RV this past year or have you found you enjoy taking road trips? With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people invested in an RV, travel trailer, or simply went camping more in order to safely travel & enjoy the beautiful outdoors. When you […]

Everything Business Owners Need to Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

Throughout the United States, business owners rely on vehicles for many purposes. Vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, delivery vans, cargo trucks, or specialized vehicles, are essential for service delivery. These vehicles also represent a significant investment. Protecting vehicles operated for business purposes is a critical component of risk management. For Southern California business owners, […]

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

How do I choose the right insurance company when there are so many to choose from? With such a large selection to choose from, it can be hard to know which insurance company is right for you. Many people revert to shopping based solely on price or they rely on recommendations from friends and family to […]